Brand Spotlight
Ugly Bitch Enterprise
By Ava Salazar (@_avasalazar)

Ugly Bitch Enterprise (UBE) is a brand started by four of Syracuse’s very own juniors. Mira Dandiker (Communications Designs), Lauren Pichiarella (Political Science and CCE), Gabby Sullivan (Dual Major in Public Relations and International Relations) and Claire Zenith (Art History) all contribute their designs to make Ugly Bitch Enterprise a successful business, despite the struggles COVID-19 brought upon their company. Ugly Bitch Enterprise was not always the brand we know today. When asked how the brand came to be, Dandiker stated that “it started off as if we were just selling our old clothes on Instagram and stuff we weren’t wearing anymore, but overtime [Lauren] started thrifting stuff and reworking it, and then we all picked up on different ways to rework thrifted clothes and that's what it became.”

I asked Ugly Bitch Enterprise what their goal was for their company, and Sullivan said their three main values of the company are to be “cost effective for college students, the sustainability aspect of it and just being unique and trying our best to make sure we’re not just making duplicates of the same type of style because we usually want to change stuff up.”

Ugly Bitch Enterprise pride themselves on being a sustainable brand that makes one of a kind pieces including t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and sweatpants that are affordable, trendy, and won’t break the bank. Each member of the Ugly Bitch Enterprise team creates their own pieces by reworking thrifted items or pieces they already own by either distressing, bleaching, tie-dying, cropping, embellishing and sewing different fabrics together to make pieces that nobody has ever seen before. The process is not easy, and it can take up to multiple hours to create a single piece. It allows for each designer to express their creativity and sense of self, while also expanding the brand and creating styles that a variety of customers will want to buy. 

Ugly Bitch Enterprise started as a group of friends just selling their old clothes but is now a thriving environmentally friendly company that is Instagram based and ships worldwide. Ugly Bitch Enterprise clothing sells unique pieces for every occasion and you’ll never have to worry about matching with someone else. 

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