Brand Spotlight
The Vintage Historian

By Guerdyna Gelin


Syracuse alumn Jesse Grossman graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Television, Radio, and Film and a minor in Sociology. When he isn’t involved in production for the U.S. Open Championship, he integrates his love for sports and vintage into his business, ‘The Vintage Historian’.

Grossman has always been into 90’s history and music and started learning more about these eras through his clothing.

 “I’ve been collecting vintage clothes since I was a sophomore in high school,” he says. “I remember having this vintage thrift store in my neighborhood and I started buying all the jerseys I could find.” He explains that he has always been a collector of vintage and started to sell more as a way to fuel his collection. 

Influenced by A Tribe Called Quest, NBA players from the 90’s, and 90’s culture, ‘The Vintage Historian’ (@the_vintage_historian) is Grossman’s way to tell his stories through clothes. “I want to be a historian, I am The Vintage Historian.” 

“The direction I'm heading in is to share these stories I have found and crazy things that have happened throughout sports history and music history,” he says, “I want my brand to be educational and more journalism based and to be able to tell all these crazy stories about sports history that fall through the cracks.”

His pieces, which include 90’s jerseys, tee shirts, and hats are sold on various platforms including eBay, Depop, Mercari and Instagram. He tries to integrate different brands in his sales such as Champion and Disney. Grossman ships in the United States and overseas with his mother being the head of his shipping department. 

In addition to this, Grossman visits garage sales, state sales, and uses Facebook as a platform to purchase clothing. “While I was in Syracuse, 3Fifteen, and Thrifty Shopper, which is the company that owns 3Fifteen, were my go to for vintage clothing,” he says.

 “My aesthetic would be a hippy time traveled to the 90’s.” Grossman likes to add his own twist to these vintage articles of clothing through tie dying. “I’ve always loved to tie dye,” Grossman says. “Every year at summer camp that is something we would always do which inspired me to start to incorporate that into my products.” 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grossman has had more time to organize and plan out his brand. “For a while, I was doing much better than I had been before the pandemic because I had so much time to photograph and upload my pieces to the various platforms.”

Grossman looks forward to the future, “I would just like to keep doing what I am doing now. I love that I can do this and turn my hobby into something a side business that can educate others.”

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