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Shockey Sanders

It’s not often Instagram models are given a voice, but Shockey Sanders isn’t just an “Instagram model.” She’s a fashion influencer and rides her own wave of eclectic, goth pop. Having garnered an attentive following, Sanders decided to let her voice speak for others through her new clothing brand. She’s also an SU sophomore and is proud to join Popcycle’s student fashion community.

“I wanted to start a brand and primarily make it for donations and charity so it would be for something a lot bigger than me,” Sanders said. “I’ve wanted to do this for a super long time.”

    In the wake of George Floyd’s death and BLM movement, the Sanders’ first aim is social justice. 

“What inspired me was I wanted to do something more for just Black Lives Matter other than donating and signing petitions here and there,” said Sanders.

Although she is now seen giving her voice to others, her appreciation and support of other people’s visions came long before BLM. 

“I worked at a coffee shop in Florida and when my friends came in we drew out designs on coffee filters,” Sanders said. “I pull a lot of inspiration for designs from my friends just messing around and drawing stuff until we get something that works.”

One of our favorite designs from Sanders’ first collection is a set off three balloons, floating and smiling. 

“I really like the idea that balloons can only travel up and that was my inspiration for the ‘Rule of Three” design,” said Sanders. “In theory and literature, the rule of three says that things are more satisfying in threes.”

In fact, many of Sanders’ designs hold deep, personal meaning. As for her personal fashion sense, well, we think it’s best she explains:

“I’ve followed the re-emergence in streetwear, but I’ve also incorporated a more 2000s gothic style, when Myspace was big,” Sanders said. “Myspace was actually a huge inspiration.”

And it is certainly clear. Sanders treats her wardrobe similar to a pristinely mixed and matched Myspace page. Lingerie crop top and boxer shorts? – Sharp and tough. Flaming, silk button down as a dress? – Fire! 

The point is, you can’t box Shockey Sanders in. It’s her very versatility that shines so bright on her first clothing brand.

“When you wear my pieces, they’re meant to be a minimalistic and a statement piece,” said Sanders. “I make them so you can dress them down to be casual, but you can also make a really cool, over-the-top look.”

Now partnered with Popcycle, Sanders is excited for her creative, student community to have fun with her brand.

“All of our clothing is unisex, so I wanna see guys in my crop tops and I wanna see girls in my extra-large t-shirts,” Sanders said. “It’s made by me, for everyone.”

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