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Method to Madness

By Bryn Ostby (@ozzyeast)

You can define the purest form of art, as freedom: the freedom to choose what you will do, where you will go, and how you will live your life. This idea is what most creatives revolve around. In the midst of a global pandemic, freedom is seldom found, even among artists. Sarah Green is your local exception.

Green, a junior and dual major in public relations and information management and technology, decided to act on the opportunity that the world’s chaos afforded to her. She started her brand, “Method to Madness” in March 2020, the beginning of the current turmoil in our world. 

    “I wanted the name to represent part of my personality, and just, the way I go about living my life,” Green continues with “I also wanted it to line up with times that we’re in, and when it was a point it started to seem like things [in the world] couldn’t get any crazier.”

    The original idea was to showcase her talent and creativity, and to weave these things into an artistic venture. Over the course of her brand’s origin story, Green began to write her own. Each piece outlining her personality, and the will to keep going, a defining character trait. Her own freedom is what led her to be flexible with the creation of Method to Madness.

    Stating, “Most of the time you are in control [of your life], what you can do, and when you can do it. To find your own personal stability in the face of madness, is really important.”

    Green went on to outline a discussion she had with a close friend about the differences between being dramatic or being expressive when facing a pressing issue.

    “I consider myself to be a very expressive person. Being dramatic means making something out of nothing. Rather, as an expressive person, I make something out of the ideas that deserve to have something be made out of them. I can’t be idle in the face of anything, just like I couldn’t be idle in the face of quarantine,” Green states.

    Today Green is fueling her expression through the loungewear her brand was built on. She started with hand stitching, later investing in an embroidery machine to craft her work. Always thinking of new ideas, some of her pieces aren’t mass produced, she still does individual work for her friends and family.

    “I started with loungewear, even in the summer, because of the climate of the world,” following that with, “Me, being a fashionable person, I still wanted to look good. Everyone was stuck inside and didn’t necessarily want to be in jeans, or their pajamas,” Green explained.

    Green filled a need that meant something to her, she tied this back in with the origin of her brand, and freedom, as she talked about how owning a clothing brand is more than just making what people will buy.

    She followed with, “The money will come if you care about what you are doing. A lot of people think the conflict is between passion and money, but the true conflict lies in where your passion is focused.” 

    Green is now looking to the future. Now featured on Popcycle as a student fashion designer, Method to Madness is set to truly take its roots in the industry. She has a unique take on the future of her brand, seeing it more of a question, than an answer, to finally be receiving exposure. Her philosophy should be a draw to many, as the freedom with which she approaches her designs adds a touch of creativity that is unmatched.

    Green finished with, “The future for me is an open-ended question. I will answer it day-by-day, and that’s the freedom that I have given myself as an artist. Like my major’s, it is almost contradictory. On one hand, I know exactly what I want to do, and where I am headed. On the other, I’m all over the place. Those that have a set future have to be prepared for failure, but for me, no matter where I take it, I will see it as a success. That is what this was all born from.” 

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